Video Projects

Monochromatic Rays of Shadow

Monochromatische Schattenstrahlen / Monokromatiska skuggstrålar

A production on DVD

A series of short videos 

presented on my Youtube-channel @PehrSall :

I suggest you look at them in fullscreen, since most are in 720p


Here you have them listed individually:

Goethes Colour Theory 1

Goethes Colour Theory 2

Goethes Colour Theory 3

Goethes Colour Theory 4

Prismatic spectra and the light/dark symmetry

Secret of the RGB icon 1

Secret of the RGB icon 2

What is yellow?

Towards a physical definition of colour

Monochromatic Rays of Shadow

Two Colour Projection Phenomena

The enigmatic bright line at the horizon

Weaving in colour space

Exhibition Goethe & Herbin

Colour and Physics

Mirrors and virtual images

Goethe's Dynamic Colour Circle

Goethe and the Boundary Colours

Ideal Colours - what is that?

Transparency and Whiteness


Random walk in colour space

an experimental art project

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