What is Colour?

Is it something real?

Is it out there or in me?

To be sure colour is a reality, but as such it belongs to the realm of "In-between". It exists between me, as the one who sees, and the world that is seen. It comprises the seer and the seen. Accordingly it has a physical aspect as well as a psychological aspect. The quality of colour, its very substance, is however something original, non-reducible, non-causal, a fact that among others Herbert Hensel calls attention to in his writings on the physiology of the human senses 1.

During the years I have studied the phenomenon of colour from many points of view. Lectured, given courses, written articles and books, designed computer programs, arranged exhibitions and even done some research related to colour vision. At an early stage I came across Johann Wolfgang von Goethes writings on colour, which have since then been an incessant source of inspiration to me.

On the following page you will find a list of what I have written in English on these and related topics: --> TEXTS

I have also made som educational films about colour, presenting Goethe's theory and exploring some consequences of the light/darkness polarity:   --> VIDEOS 


1) Herbert Hensel: Sinneswahrnehmung und Naturwissenschaft. Studium Generale 15, p 747 (1962)


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